Chain Breaker
Chain Breaker

Chain Breaker

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Campus worship leader and songwriter Zach Williams offers his solo debut, adding to the momentum of his airwave-dominating single. This 2017 Essential Records release includes the newly recorded version of "Chain Breaker" plus more songs of redemption and grace, including "Old Church Choir," "So Good To Me," "Survivor," and others.

2017 Grammy Nominee: Best CCM Performance / Song- "Chain Breaker"

2017 Dove Award Winner:
New Artist Of The Year
Pop/CCM Song Of The Year "Chain Breaker"

2018 Grammy Winner- CCM Album of the Year

2018 Dove Award Winner: Artist of the Year
2018 Dove Award Winner: Pop/CCM Song of the Year- "Old Church Choir"


 Product Information

Title: Chain Breaker CD
By: Zach Williams
Format: Compact disc
Vendor: Essential Records
Publication Date: 2017
Weight: 3 ounces
UPC: 083061105327

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